Latest ‘Moon Knight’ Promo Art Offers Full Look at Oscar Isaac’s Costume

moon knight costume

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming release of Moon Knight, which may become Disney+’s darkest story yet. Marvel Studios is venturing into new territory and the first trailer certainly sold us on the potential of this new franchise. Plus, the character may have one of their best costume designs yet, which we got a closer look at through a promo image around a week ago. Luckily, it seems a new piece has found its way online with a full look at his entire costume, as shared by @MKnightNews.

The design is still quite impressive, as they utilized a mummy-inspired design with how his costume is made of white bandages. It fits into the Egyptian theme the character has and that was highlighted in the trailer. Plus, it adds some nice detailing to a pure white design, which may have otherwise been quite difficult to adapt in live-action. The moon symbol being golden also adds a nice detailing.

The interesting surprise is how the cape is drawn. Instead of being a full piece of cloth, it’s also made of stitched together wraps, which may add to the fact that the costume isn’t a physical thing he wears but something that magically wraps around him, as seen in the trailers. Of course, it would be an interesting twist if he’s actually wearing his Mr. Knight costume and just imagines the full costume due to his fractured personality disorder.

Source: Twitter

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