Latest ‘No Way Home’ Spot Teases Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

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Spider-Man: No Way home is probably the film with the least secrets at this point. Most of the villains have been leaked quite sometime before we even got a trailer, but the uncertainty about what is and what isn’t fake kept many speculating. The latest trailer did give us a clearer picture of the sinister threat Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man is about to face, it also gave us our first reference to “another” Spider-Man due to Alfred Molina‘s Doc Ock realizing he’s attacking a different one. There was quite an emphasis on that moment and the latest spot by Sony even kicks-off by once again hinting at there being a different Spider-Man. In a way, it seems that they are trying to offer more hints on the appearance of Tobey Maguire in the upcoming threequel.

It isn’t a coincidence that Sony is going out of their way for this exchange between Octavius and Doctor Strange. Plus, if this scene remains in the film, it’ll likely act as a set-up. The question still remains how or when they might show up, as there hasn’t been an official tease of the also long-rumored appearance of Andrew Garfield‘s Peter Parker. Some of his villains are included with Lizard and Elektro proudly showcased in the last trailer. So, perhaps we get a line that’ll tease his appearance in another trailer. We don’t know if Lizard has kept some humanoid aspects. It’s likely that Elektro might highlight his despising of spider-themed superheroes.

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