Latest ‘Persona 6’ Rumor Hints at a Potential Delay

persona 6 rumor

The hunt for any news regarding Persona 6 continues. After a rather disappointing Persona 25th Anniversary, Atlus has been coy about the future of the franchise. To be fari, we did get re-releases of their three most popular entries on all consoles, but it’s been strange not to end such a milestone with the next major installment even if it is years away. Ever since our Persona 6 news has mostly relied on online rumors.

If there is one thing we know about the Internet, it is the fact that the rumor mill never truly rests. User “Im A Hero Too” has returned once again to ResetEra to unveil more on what may or may not be happening behind the scenes as we’re still missing out on any hints regarding the franchise’s future.

In it, they reveal that Persona 6 has “absolute zero chance” to release in 2023, but does hint that they have a rough timeframe even if the project may have been delayed internally. The reasoning according to him is that they are focusing either to release the rumored Persona 3 Remake (also first unveiled by this user) or another game. Though he hints there’s a chance we’ll see a teaser at Sony’s next showcase, which might not be until this summer.

Going by this timeline, we may have at least one potential Persona game releasing this year, but that might be a bit strange they’ll fast-track the remake of 3 given they just released a remaster of the PSP version. So, perhaps that won’t release until next year either, and who knows when Persona 6 may hit modern consoles. Though, we have to still take these statements with a grain of salt as neither project has officially been announced as of now. For now, it just looks like the wait for an official update may take quite a bit longer.

Source: ResetEra via ComicBook

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