Latest ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Teaser Features Elektro with an Arc Reactor

no way home elektro

There are quite a few interesting details once you start looking at some of the latest TV spots in detail. Marvel Studios is famous for including small references that tie together the Marvel Cinematic Universe in creative ways. Well, it looks like @cosmic_marvel has noticed quite a remarkable detail in one of the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home teasers, as we get our best look yet at Jamie Foxx‘s Elektro. Yet, the big part is that we get a closer look at his new costume and what is probably powering his energy flux, an Iron Man-esque arc reactor.

He’s not the only classic Spider-Man villain getting a Stark upgrade, as we recently learned how Doc Ock gets his new and improved arms in the second trailer release. We can clearly see that the Iron Spider suit is damaged and during the bridge fight he’ll get his upgrade. As such, it might be easy to assume that Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker has one somewhere in his upgraded suit. So, perhaps Doc Ock gets his hands on it and upgrades Elektro with it to make him a bigger threat. It would be similar to what Octavius does in the 2018 Spider-Man game.

Of course, there’s also the chance that he steals it from a Stark lab somewhere. Tony built a giant one underwater to power the city and his suits are probably still around somewhere. Perhaps one was included in a museum, similar to that of Captain America, and he steals it to get a much-needed upgrade. Who knows how little control he has over his powers and that is why he requires the suit upgrade.

Source: Twitter

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