Latest ‘The Flash’ Set Photos Tease Supergirls DCEU Origin

With quite a few films in production, the DCEU is finally preparing its next wave of films. But even with a stable slate, the current state of the DCEU is still quite a bit of a mess. For a while now, fans have wondered what the future will hold for Superman or Batman in the mainline universe. The only answers we’ve received from WB are reboots of the popular characters separate from the other films. Many fans hope to see the upcoming Flash film set the record straight and give us some definitive answers on the future of this universe. It seems some set photos may have given us exactly that.

With The Flash currently filming in London, we were bound to get a few looks at the set via some passerby fans. One of the first things we saw from the set was a look at Sasha Calle in her Supergirl suit, being held up by wires as she made a classic superhero landing. The suit in question, which we got a brief look at previously, seems to be inspired by Lara-Lane Kent’s look in the Injustice storyline. The only difference is this one is sporting the DCEU Superman crest.

In addition, some more set photos confirm that she is indeed in Central City and what appears to be a one that is set in the mainline DCEU. On the street, a bus can be seen with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman placed next to an advertisement for the Central City Children’s fund.

While plot details for The Flash are still very much under wraps, it seems that these set photos could hint at Calle’s Supergirl indeed being from the main universe and possibly filling in for Superman in his absence similar to Batman in Birds of Prey. Hopefully, The Flash will offer some sort of explanation for the absence of these iconic heroes and set the DCEU on a definitive path with a stable Justice League roster.

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