Latest ‘Wakanda Forever’ Merch Focuses Teases Namor’s Iconic Battle Cry

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While a lot of discussions surrounding Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black panther sequel, Wakanda Forever, focused on how they’ll juggle whoever may take on the mantle, there’s one more big element they are making sure no one forgets. The sequel will act as the introduction of Namor the Submariner into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems he’s getting quite the spotlight in some of their latest merchandise reveals. Among them is the confirmation that he’ll also get to use his iconic battle cry “Imperius Rex.”

As shared by @NamorNews, we get a bunch of new designs highlighting the three main members of the MCU’s take on Atlantis. We see some familiar artwork of Attuma, Namora, and Namor but the newest addition is the fact that his battle cry is added to some of the designs. It’s the first time we’ve seen it used and it may confirm that we’ll get the shout at least once during the upcoming film.

It’s great to see the elements they are taking from the comics. Even while they changed the character’s cultural background, it opened up the concept to stand out while still pulling in elements from the character’s comic origin. Marvel and director Ryan Coogler managed to even get his iconic green pants as part of his design with the little feet wings hinted at in the first trailer. Here’s hoping that the next trailer potentially offers a bit more from the character and shows us how dangerous he’ll be when facing against the nation of Wakanda.

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