Latest ‘WandaVision’ Preview Adds to the Show’s Core Mystery


Something interesting is happening on the official WandaVision Instagram account: old posts are changing! Specifically, the first of six nine-image grids uploaded of the different TV sets posted back on December 29, which originally featured an image of Wanda and Vision in the 1950s on the TV set in the middle has had that picture replaced by a video clip from the show’s first episode:

The clip shows Vision (in his android form) noticing a heart drawn on a specific calendar date while asking Wanda about it. They believe that whatever the heart signifies could be important, but it’s clear that neither knows what that is (and they can’t admit it to each other). It may mark the couple’s anniversary, even though a previously-released preview showed them discuss that they have none. It could be that one of them noted their anniversary but managed to forget at some point. We also know the two host a dinner party in the first episode, so that could be the event marked by the heart. The wacky antics of forgetting about hosting guests for dinner and scrambling to work things out so none will the wiser certainly fits perfectly with the typical wacky antics of a 1950s sitcom.

It also plays into something that got mentioned in the synopsis of the first episode. There is a chance this will surely be an essential part of the plot as the series moves forward: Wanda and Vision are in this idyllic world, but they can’t recall how they got there or their history within it. Perhaps the heart is connected to the overall mystery of the sitcom world. Something that is also noteworthy about the Instagram setup with the nine-image grid pictures is that today is the Monday of WandaVisions premiere week for which the 1950’s image changed into a video.

There are five other TV grids posted on the account, but only three more days between now and Friday. Only three of the other pictures feature a picture of Wanda and Vision. I think Marvel will publish a 1960s clip on Tuesday, the 1980s will be on Wednesday, and Thursday will round it out with the 2000s before the first two episodes drop on Disney+ Friday. Be sure to check back here at Murphy’s Multiverse for more WandaVision updates as we head closer and closer to its launch!

Source: Instagram

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