Latest ‘What If’ Merchandise Teases Party Thor and Zombie Captain America

What if party thor

It looks like some more merchandise has found its way online. Yesterday, a poster was uncovered that teased the Guardians of the Multiverse. It included a variety of characters that we have seen in past trailers. Yet, it also gave us a look at some new characters that might get the spotlight with their own episode. Interestingly enough, The Direct discovered some more merchandise on the site Ocio Stock that highlighted a missing member of the multiversal guardians, the zombified version of Captain America. It was odd that he was missing, as he was one of the earliest reveals for the series, but he might not be the main focus of his episode.



Now, there is one rather surprising reveal, as it looks like the merchandise revealed the Thor-focused episode. It seems that he is going to throw quite the party, as he is highlighted as “Party Thor” in the merch alongside his iconic hammer. The trailer from Disney’s Investors Day did offer a glimpse at Thor recovering his iconic hammer similar to what we witnessed in the first Thor film. Perhaps this version of the character ends up pulling the hammer out and wants to celebrate his victory.


There are a few other pieces of merchandise, but nothing as revealing as the Party Thor shirt and baseball caps. There is also a unique logo that gives us the duality of Jeffrey Wright‘s Watcher. We get his “human” form with half of his face turning into the galactic version we have seen throughout most of the teasers. It was only the latest poster that gave us a look at the character’s physical form. It’ll be interesting to see if more merchandise hits the web and if we can expect a new trailer alongside a release date soon.

Source: OcioStock via The Direct

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