Leaked Funko Pops Offer First Full Look at Anthony Mackie’s New Falcon Suit

It is crazy to think that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier originally was going to release in August. Now, we are still anxiously waiting for a release date. WandaVision took its place as the first MCU original show on Disney+, but we don’t even know when that will air. Still, the pandemic has not stopped the production of tie-in products that tease what we can expect from these series. Not too long ago, we got our first look at a very comic-accurate Zemo through his leaked Funko Pop. Now, we got another closer look at the Funko Pops that gives us a great first full look at Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon suit for the upcoming series. We only got glimpses of it in the initial poster.



The first poster teased a stronger focus on red, which is paying tribute to the characters’ original costume. The back of the box confirms that three Funko Pops are available from the series. There is a chance, however, that these are just a limited run. Still, there is no sight of that Captain America costume that Falcon will most likely wear once he accepts his new role. His Funko also includes the returning Red Wing, who we briefly saw in Captain America: Civil War. It will be interesting to see if his companion gets a bit more action in the upcoming series.

I also have to mention the parallel between Winter Soldier’s star and that of Captain America’s shield. It’s a small visual added to the box that serves no real purpose, but I love this kind of detail. These are certainly must-buys for fans of the MCU and these respective characters. Hopefully, we will get a trailer soon that shows these new costumes in action.

Source: DisPops IG (Full Look), DisPops IG (Back)

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