Leaked ‘THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER’ Marvel Legends May Hint at John Walker’s Fate, Wave BAF

Yesterday we got a good look at Sam Wilson’s new Captain America suit via the Disney Store. It wasn’t much of a spoiler as most fans believe Sam will eventually take on the mantle of Captain America and the suit itself looks to have been ripped straight from Stuart Immonen’s comic design; however, today a new set of images have leaked, this time of Marvel Legends from the upcoming series, and one might just be a little spoilery.

At the end of Episode 1 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Wyatt Russell’s John Walker was announced to the world as the new Captain America. Since most fans are of the mind that the series will wrap up with Sam as Cap, logic dictates we aren’t likely to have 2 Caps, so what will happen to Walker? As you can see in the photos below, it looks like at some point in the show, Walker will change gears a little bit and become U.S. Agent.

Walker has gone by U.S. Agent more often than not in the comics, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to avid readers, but not everyone watching Disney Plus is a comic book aficionado. The figure shows off a darker suit for Walker, more in line with his familiar comic book ensemble. If Walker is still standing at the end of the series, we could see Russell marching into future MCU projects (Thunderbolts?) as U.S. Agent.

In addition to Walker, the series will feature Baron Zemo (it’s still interesting to me that he’s called “Baron”) and Bucky Barnes figures and all 3 include what are clearly pieces of the wings we saw on Sam Wilson’s Cap suit, meaning that Sam Wilson Captain America is the Build-A-Figure for the wave! We’ll keep our eyes open to see if we can fill in the rest of the figures in the wave but for now we’ve gotten a great look and some insight into what to expect as the series unfolds.


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