Live Action ‘One Piece’ Adds Former Cirque du Soleil Acrobat as Cabaji

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We’re only a few more weeks away from entering the second half year and Netflix is still playing with our hearts on when we can expect the first trailer or release date for its live-action One Piece adaptation. While many are likely still quite a bit cautious due to their track record with these adaptations, a lot of elements are coming together hinting at this potentially being the one to break the mold with passionate cast and showrunners. Even the manga creator Eiichiro Oda has his hands on the project, confirming that it won’t go out into the world until he approves it.

To hold us over until Netflix drops an official statement, @OP_Netflix_Fan and the detectives over at the One Piece Live-Action Discord server have uncovered another actor playing a familiar role in the live-action adaptation. Buggy’s crew is finally growing with Sven Ruygrok confirming he is set to play Cabaji in Netflix’s One Piece in his CV. Going by it, he has a background in gymnastics and dancing but most notably worked as part of Cirque du Soleil, which makes him an interesting choice for the man commonly unicycling his way through combat.

It’s great to see them adding an actor that also has the acrobatic skills that match the character from the manga. While it’s unclear just how much we’ll see him jump around or if he’ll primarily be using a unicycle (if at all) but it’s definitely a great little addition to the already stellar cast. Now, we only need to know if he also has a bizarre haircut and a long scarf. They may have shortened it to ensure it doesn’t get in the way during combat; especially if he uses swords.

Source: Twitter, APM, IMDb

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