Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Series Has Added to its Cast

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With only a little over a week to go before we get an update on the upcoming live-action One Piece series. The team has been hard at work on the series that’ll bring one of the most iconic manga franchises to life. Little was known about how they might adapt the East Blue Saga, especially in how they might adapt some of the arcs within a shorter episode count than the manga or anime. It’s certainly going to be quite the challenge, such as potentially skipping some elements. A new listing from ERM may have confirmed the addition of a familiar face from Orange Town.

As first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan, it looks like actor Lindsay Reardon has joined the One Piece cast as Mayor Boodle. In case some don’t know, he is the mayor of Orange Town and was the last line of defense when Buggy and his crew took over the town. He was there to fight them off while the rest of the townsfolk stayed in hiding, especially as he tried to protect the dog Chouchou that was trying to keep an eye on the pet store of his owner.

There have been theories that they might skip Orange Town altogether and mix it with a different storyline to keep its tight pacing together. Set photos showcased what may have been a tent on Buggy’s ship, which led to a theory on our side that they may just have more stories happen on the boats rather than directly on the island, such as Chouchou potentially chasing after Buggy on his ship. The addition of Mayor Boodle may hint that they still could visit the island, or perhaps even that he chases after the puppy.

Source: ERM

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