‘Loki’ Concept Artist Reveals Inspiration for Jonathan Major’s He Who Remains

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Not too long ago, we got our first tease for the upcoming second season of Loki. The story will pick up where we last left off, as Sylvie killed He Who Remains, a Variant of Kang the Conqueror, who was keeping the multiverse from branching out. It was our first meeting with Jonathan Majors‘s impressive take on the character that already left a lasting impression before we meet another Variant in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Quantumania.

We still have to wait a bit before we find out when to expect the release of the second season, but concept artist Wesley Burt took to his personal Instagram account to share a look at the finalized concept art for He Who Remains. He also pointed out that he was inspired by “a lounging Miles Davis at the end of time.” Of course, he also highlights the inclusion of He Who Remains and Immortus as inspiration from the comics.

It seems this work will be included in the upcoming Art of Loki book, which has traditionally been released alongside the various shows a few years later. So, it’s great that this tradition continues, and given how visually unique the Disney+ series was in comparison to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’ll be great to get a look behind-the-scenes at how they brought this unique vision to life. Now, we’re left with the question if Majors will return in the second season, as his Conqueror Variant was teased at the end of the series.

Source: Instagram

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