‘Loki’ Confirms Vampires Exist in the MCU Ahead of ‘Blade’

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We’ve known for a while that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would finally introduce the iconic character of Blade. The Daywalker was going to get a unique film sometime in the next few years with Maharshala Ali cast in the iconic role. What we didn’t know is how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would tackle the existence of vampires. So far, there has never been any acknowledgment of there even being bloodsuckers amongst humans. we never went down into the underbelly of the darker corners of cities to uncover what was hiding there. It created theories that the MCU doesn’t have vampires and we’d get introduced to a very unique take on the character’s mythology. Well, that was at least until Loki was released.

In a very brief sequence, Owen Wilson’s Mobius is discussing the many variants that have passed through the Time Variance Authority’s offices. In a blink or you miss it line, he confirms that the MCU does, in fact, have vampires. It seems some of them even turned out to be Variants of some kind that the Minutemen of the TVA had to take care of. Sadly, he moves on the conversation back to the God of Mischief, but the implications are enough to open up pandora’s box on the franchise’s future. We no longer have to wonder if they’ll reinvent the creatures of the night or even try to avoid them due to PG-13 ratings. We also don’t have to wonder if they just suddenly pop into existence, but realize they’ve lived among humans for some time now.

Does the vocal confirmation of their existence mean we’ll see them sooner than later? It seems likely that we might visit the MCU’s supernatural side from a new perspective. We might get a reference in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As he travels the newly awakened multiverse he might stumble upon an alternative universe where Wesley Snipes‘ version of the character is still active to pay homage to the film that started the modern superhero boom. The most likely candidate seems to be Moon Knight, as he had quite a few run-ins with Blade, vampires, and werewolves in the comics. His own supernatural background makes for the perfect jumping-off point to build upon this singular line as Disney+ starts to expand.

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