Loki Heading to ‘Fortnite’

loki fortnite

It looks like Marvel wasn’t quite done with Fortnite. A few months ago, they had a major event that saw a variety of Marvel characters join the Fortnite Crew in a battle against an invading Galactus. The recent event saw the addition of Superman during an alien invasion. Well, it looks like they aren’t quite done yet, as the official Twitter channel revealed that Loki is joining the game with a tweet. The golden horns aren’t subtle but it’s certainly a great addition to the game. We still don’t have our official look at the skin’s design, but it seems likely it’ll be strongly inspired by Tom Hiddleston‘s run as the character.

Fortnite has become the center of pop culture and gaming. They’ve added a grand list of classic comic and movie-inspired characters. They’ve also added countless gaming icons, which include franchises like Tomb Raider, Horizon, Street Fighter, and even Halo. The developer also had done collaborations with Disney+ in the past. So, there’s a good chance the July release of Loki is to coincide with a new collaboration.

It would be great if we even get an alternative skin to ply as Sylvie, who got recently introduce into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are still some reveals to come n the upcoming weeks, as we are only halfway through the series. So, we might get a lot more as the show continues to grow and expand into the multiverse. Who knows if it might even build up the next Fortnite season.

Source: Twitter

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