‘Loki’s Head Writer on Creating a Dialogue-Heavy Marvel Series

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Loki is quite a different kind of series from previous entries in the franchise. While there is some action to enjoy, it is mostly a dialogue-heavy storyline. We spend a lot of time with Loki, Sylvia, Morbius, and everyone else talking as the story unravels. Aided by the unique atmosphere, it offered a very different take on what you’d expect from a Marvel series and that was something head writer Michael Waldron intended to do.

During a panel discussion with the rest of the Loki cast and team, he talked about how their dialogue-heavy focus was intentional to focus on what the trickster god is known for. As such, they wanted to show him trying to haggle his way out of conversations, which did lead to some delightful moments throughout the series run. As he points out:

One of Loki’s superpowers is his ability to talk his way out of any situation, talk his way into any situation. You want to watch Superman fly, so I wanted to watch Loki talk. And so because this was a show — because we had six hours — that was the most exciting thing to me. We get to take a villain from an action movie franchise and have these dialogue-heavy scenes that feel like prestige television.

Michael Waldron

That is also a reason why they had quite a few long takes on the project. Tom Hiddleston pointed out that Owen Wilson approached him comparing the project to a play. Director Kate Herron added that the scale of this project felt like three Marvel films being tackled due to how much content they could put together in its six-hour runtime. They certainly delivered and offered a very unique take on what it means to be a Marvel series.

Source: Variety

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