Long-Rumored ‘Rainbow Six Mobile’ Finally Confirmed

rainbow six mobile

It’s almost time for Rainbow Six fans to take the fight from their TVs and monitors to their mobile phones. After countless leaks, rumors, and other discussions floating around, the game was a terribly-kept secret. However, event after event, no news would come. Finally, Ubisoft has confirmed the game, which is being developed by a new team based out of Montreal.

The game was built from the ground up as the team has promised fans that their team will be staffed up and ready to support the game for a long time. While the game seems to look a lot like Rainbow Six Siege, the game was definitely built with the new device in mind, taking the 5v5 tactical gameplay fans love but letting them enjoy it on the go.

The final confirmation isn’t all, as Ubisoft will be running multiple live tests for the game over the upcoming weeks to get ready for the official release. We don’t know quite yet what they might change throughout production to accommodate the new format. Mobile games also are more fast-paced due to players being on the road. So, we should expect some changes going from the regular version to mobile, but that’s not uncommon.

You can watch the trailer right here:

Source: Ubisoft

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