RUMOR: ‘She-Hulk’ Eyeing an August Release, Damage Control and Wong to Appear

she hulk release

We’ve long discussed when we might expect the various Disney+ series from Marvel Studios to find their way to the service. We were all caught by surprise when Ms. Marvel‘s summer release turned into an early June premiere. We’ve been also waiting for a sign when we might expect She-Hulk, but it seems that it won’t be that much longer before it releases.

According to the site Chippu, the Tatiana Maslany-led project is eyeing a release in August. They do highlight that it could still get changed, but that seems to be their initial release plan. That’s not all as they also hint that we can expect episodes focus on Damage Control and even Wong trying to sue another wizard. They don’t share any details but if this rumor turns out true, we might expect some really out-there episodes from the MCU.

The concept always was intriguing, especially with her being a lawyer specializing in supernatural and superheroic cases. We also got a tease that she’ll have the ability to break the fourth wall. So, we might be in for a very different kind of series from Marvel Studios and Disney+. If they really do go for an August release, it’ll be interesting to see if that means they’ll end out the year with the confirmed What If…? Season 2. There’s also the hint that I Am Groot will release some time this year and we have two-Holiday specials on the horizon. So, it’s going to be a big year for Marvel Studios.

Source: Chippu

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