‘Love, Death and Robots’ Volume 3 to Feature David Fincher’s First Animated Project

love death and robot 3

After a long wait, Love, Death and Robot‘s third season has finally received a trailer. It gave us a glimpse of what the anthology series will include throughout its latest nine episodes, especially with the different concepts and animated projects. The biggest surprise came in the announcement that the episode “Bad Travelling” will be David Fincher‘s first time directing an animated project with Se7en screenwriter Andrew Walker having penned the script.

The episode is teased to feature “a jable shark-hunting sailing vessel is attacked by a giant crustacean whose size and intelligence is matched only by its appetite. Mutiny, betrayal and ventriloquism with a corpse.” It sounds like the kind of storyline that would be right up Fincher and Walker‘s alley, whose reunion since the iconic film is another exciting prospect. The story is based on a short story by Neal Asher.

The writer actually is also the one who wrote the story that Volume 2’s Snow in the Desert is inspired by. Blur Studio is the one behind the breath-taking animation of Fincher‘s 3D short which will include some interesting crustacean mayhem taking apart an unlikely crew already on edge. The series was first created by Deadpool director Tim Miller with Jennifer Yuh Nelson as a supervising director. Fincher is also attached as a producer.

Source: Collider

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