Marvel Comics Launching ‘SABRETOOTH’ Solo Series in January

As mutants have thrived and expanded into the cosmos during the Krakoan Age, Victor Creed has sat in a deep, dark pit at the heart of the island as punishment for killing some humans WAAAAAY back in House of X #1. Next January, we’ll catch up with Creed’s time the hole and, presumably, his revenge on those that put him there in Sabretooth #1 by Victor LaValle.

After the issue was teased for January in yesterday’s December 2021 solicitations, LaValle took to Twitter to reveal that he was behind the book.

LaValle is best known for his short stories and has dabbled in comics before but Sabretooth represents his first work for Marvel. Back in March, LaValle announced that he had come to an agreement to work with Marvel on a book for the X-line, but until yesterday’s Twitter announcement, there had only been rumors about what he’d be writing.

It’s worth speculating that Victor Creed’s return to action will coincide with the events of Jonathan Hickman’s Inferno, which promises to bring the Age of Krakoa crumbling down, presumably at the hands of Mystique who was with Creed on his last mission and who has a promise to keep. We’ll likely see Mystique turn Creed loose on Krakoa and that sounds like something worth reading.

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