‘SHANG-CHI’s Ten Rings Almost Looked Like They Did in the Comics

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Audiences have been praising Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings for the way it smoothly translates complicated comic ideas to the big screen. Among these adapted concepts was the function of the titular Ten Rings, which were simplified in the MCU for the sake of storytelling. However, Marvel VFX artist Sean Walker has revealed that this almost wasn’t the case. He explained in an interview with Comic Book:

The Ten Rings actually went through a range of color changes. At one point, each individual effect had its individual styled use of the Rings. For example, when Wenwu is creating a bustle out of them, or a whip, or projectiles, they actually had their own unique color scheme, they were all in a similar color palette.

Sean Walker

In the comics, the rings did not function as a singular unit like they do in the film. Instead, each ring had its own unique power and color-coding that its wearer could use at will. Walker’s comments indicate that the MCU almost stayed true to this before slimming the idea down. He continued to reveal that the different colors were almost used as a way to convey the story’s themes in a visual manner:

But in order to really clearly define this is Wenwu and this is Shang-Chi, we stuck to a much narrower color palette. So Shang-Chi’s colors actually mimic his mum’s color palette, so we looked to her for her greens and for yellows and greens. Especially in the initial fight between his parents.

Sean Walker

As anyone who has seen the movie would know, this range of color was eventually trimmed to just solid blue and orange. While the original idea was a good one, it’s probably for the best that the VFX team chose to simplify their effects. The result is a simple and appealing vision for the film’s climactic battle, and the rings functioning as a unit proved beneficial for the project’s action choreography.

Source: Comic Book

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