Marvel Exec Confirms ‘Eternals’ Follow-Up in the Plans

Eternals stands as one of the most divisive (and worst-reviewed) projects Marvel Studios has rolled out to date. Nearly 18 months after its release, no official word about a sequel has emerged from the executive offices and only rumors of a potential spinoff, featuring a character only seen for seconds in a stinger, have made their way around the internet. That character, Starfox, was played, however, by one of the world’s biggest stars in Harry Styles and it sounds like those rumors of a Starfox spinoff project may have some legs to them.

In an interview with Deadline, Marvel Studios Executive Producer and Parliament member Nate Moore confirmed that there are plans for “more stories to be told” with Styles’ character. “We certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag,” said Moore, who called Styles’ Starfox “a character maybe I have too much affection for because he’s had some problematic runs in publishing.

Of course, those issues the character has had in print don’t need to be translated to the screen and Starfox’s ties to Thanos provide the foundations for the type of legacy stories Marvel Studios could easily turn into interesting stories, especially with Styles at the center of them. In fact, to hear Moore tell it, Starfox may just be Marvel’s “next big thing.”

But there are more stories to be told with that character. He’s fascinating and he has a really interesting connection with Thanos-they’re half-brothers; they share the same father. He has an interesting power set…he’s a complicated character but a really fun character…and I think there’s no limit to how popular that character’s going to be once we get to bring him back.

Nate Moore

When and where those stories fit on Marvel Studios ever-changing upcoming slate remains to be seen, but what can hardly be questioned is the studio’s uncanny ability to match actors and roles. To that end, while they might like to avoid some of the atrocious decisions made by Marvel Publishing over the years, there’s no denying the appeal of the Styles!

Source: Deadline

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