6 Heroes Who Should Make Up MCU’s New Avengers in ‘The Kang Dynasty’

While there are plenty of heroes doing good deeds all over the planet, the MCU is currently without a full team of Avengers. Wong and Banner and Carol seem to at least chat from time to time, but there’s no Avengers Mansion and no discernable lineup. Iron Man and Black Widow are dead. Steve Rogers got a life. Smart Hulk and Hawkeye are semi-retired but willing to mix in the occasional mentoring cycle. Vision doesn’t know who he is. Thor’s off-planet being a Dad. Wanda went all Darkholdy. It’s easy enough to keep going to see that the many of those on the roster of heroes who have served on the team, even for a day, are going to be occupied one way or another when a day unlike any other comes around again. So who might be around to assemble when Kang comes to town in 2025? Here are 6 characters who we think should form the MCU’s New Avengers.

Captain America

Sam Wilson will have his hands full in Captain America: New World Order, to be sure, but nothing he faces in that movie will be on par with Kang the Conqueror coming to add present-day Earth to his dynasty. The world will need a new team of Avengers and Sam Wilson should be the well-tested, well-respected and perfect choice to bring them together. There’s no talking Kang down, so Sam will have to put together a powerful team to take down the warlord.


Sam and Jen Walters may meet up in Captain America: New World Order, which would make for a perfect segue to her inclusion on the team in Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Jen didn’t want to be a hero but her series taught audiences that she is just about as strong as Bruce’s Hulk and is probably only just growing into her powers. A nearly indestructible Hulk is essentially a must for an Avengers squad and it’s Jen’s time to join the ranks.

Moon Knight

As much fun as Oscar Isaac had exploring the multiple personalities of Moon Knight, the safe bet is that Marvel Studios didn’t bring a star like him on board just to do a series. An Avengers film is going to rake in big bucks at the box office no matter what, but having Isaac’s name in the credits certainly isn’t going to drive people away. Adding Moon Knight to the team also provides opportunity for more levity to be written into the script, something Marvel Studios loves to help balance out the tense moments. It also puts Loony Moony shoulder-to-shoulder with Sam Wilson which is the buddy team-up we all need to see.


Shang-Chi’s rings make him one of the most powerful characters on Earth. They also seem to have some sort of connection to Kang, as does Kamala’s bangle. It’s possible Shang-Chi’s sequel comes before The Kang Dynasty, changing the blueprint a little, but if not, it’s likely that Shang-Chi and his ten rings are right at the center of the plot of the fifth Avengers film.

Black Panther

Every Avengers team needs a tech genius and when that genius comes with the added bonus of being powered up and coated in Vibranium, it’s a perfect match. Expect Shuri to play a key role in understanding Shang-Chi’s rings, Kang’s future tech and maybe even helping to arm some of the heroes in the fight against the time-traveling conqueror.


A lot of things could be said about why Spidey belongs on the team but here are the two best reasons (and the only ones you need): Tom Holland isn’t signing back on to a new deal without a couple of appearances in Avengers films and Marvel Studios isn’t going to make Avengers films without their most popular character now that they can use him. I’m not sure how they calculate service time for the Avengers, but Spidey has to be among the most senior members of the team. Wherever he stands, he definitely logged some major experience during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, making him a key member even if nobody remembers who he is.

Given the number of heroes out there, it’s tough to imagine going 6-for-6. When it’s all said and done, it would be great if even 50% of our list ended up being on the team. Who would you like to see on the new team? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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