‘Marvel Future Revolution’ Pricing Model Includes Loot Boxes and $50 MCU Skins

marvel future revolution skins

Marvel has been slowly expanding beyond its long-standing mobile offerings. We’ve seen Insomniac’s Spider-Man franchise reinvent the webhead for modern audiences. Crystal Dynamics tackled a challenging genre with Marvel’s Avengers, as they try to offer continuous free expansions with events and characters. Eidos is joining the fray with their new Guardians of the Galaxy game. This development didn’t mean they were completely leaving the lucrative mobile market behind, as they continue to support Contest of Champions, Realm of Champions, Future Fight, Strike Force, and Puzzle Quest. Now, they are expanding with a brand new open-world RPG offering in the form of Marvel Future Revolution.

Information has been sparse outside a few animations, brief gameplay sequences, and the various character skins. As with most mobile games, there was the worry regarding the pay-to-win model embedded into its structure and how costly some offerings would end up being, as even Marvel’s Avengers skins can cost up to around $14. Well, it seems that Future Revolution might top that by quite a margin. @AssembleCast got early access and shared the first look during a stream of the game. In it, he uncovered that an Avengers: Endgame-inspired outfit for Captain America comes at a hefty $62 CAD, which is approximately $50.

The game has a different approach with their skins, as you can buy different pieces. It seems that these are priced individually, and those prices can stack. You also have to consider that it’s a P2W model. So, the skins also offer an additional boost to your in-game stats. So, the game is following the typical mobile gaming model, as you can purchase various memberships that include daily log-in rewards with Gacha elements through loot boxes. The experience can end up quite pricey if you don’t want to invest the time to grind out various pieces, but the question is how long that will end up being.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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