Marvel Studios Developing ‘Armor Wars’ as a Movie Instead of Disney+ Series

Marvel Studios is now developing ‘Armor Wars’ as a movie with leading man Don Cheadle and writer Yassir Lester.

Ever since it was officially announced, fans have eagerly been awaiting news regarding Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars. The project was to be made into a Disney+ series, however, outside of Yassir Lester being announced as the head writer, very little news seemed to surface regarding the project. Lester and leading man, Don Cheadle, assured fans it was coming, though, and now it appears we might have a reason as to why the project is moving so slowly.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Marvel Studios is developing Armor Wars as a feature film instead of a Disney+ series. Both Lester and Cheadle remain on board the project. The project is being redeveloped into a feature film, which is more than likely why Armor Wars still lacked a release window during Marvel Studios’ D23 presentation. The decision was made as Marvel felt the best way to tell the story was through a feature film rather than a television series. Production on the six-episode series was expected to begin in early 2023, however, crew members were said to be notified today that is no longer happening.

The title of the series was inspirited by a storyline in the Iron Man comics from 1987 and 1988 by writers David Michelinie and Bob Layton and artist Mark Bright. It focused on the highly advanced technology of Iron Man falling into the wrong hands.

As of now, Armor Wars does not have a release date or director attached to the project.

Source: THR.

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