Marvel Studios Has More ‘Daredevil’ in Mind

As Daredevil: Born Again prepares to go into production in early 2023, Marvel Studios has begun assembling the supporting cast of the project including Michael Gandolfini and Colin Woodell. Casting will continue to make quite a bit of news over the next few weeks leading up to the holiday break as the studio looks to fill at least a half dozen new roles for the series. And as casting gets underway, an interesting bit of information has made its way to us.

Daredevil: Born Again looks to be the most ambitious project Marvel Studios has undertaken on Disney Plus. Production is set to run for nearly 11 months on the project which will consist of an unprecedented 18 episodes. While all actors won’t need to be on set every day of the shoot, some of the principals will be giving up a significant part of their year to the project. That’s a big undertaking for anyone which makes the information here even more interesting.

As these new actors are sealing their deals with Marvel Studios, I’m told that some like Colin Woodell, are signing on for one-and-done contracts. Thinking out loud, that probably means Woodell isn’t playing someone like Bullseye, who would likely be a recurring villain should Marvel Studios choose to use the character. I’m also told that others, like Gandolfini, are closing deals with options for future seasons and appearances in other Marvel Studios properties. That means that Gandolfini is much more likely to be playing someone like Richard Fisk than some no-name mafioso.

Nobody here is privy to the fine print of these contracts and having options does not mean that the characters are guaranteed to return or that another season is already going to happen. For all anyone knows, the options could be for a film like Spider-Man 4, which could see Spidey and Daredevil team up against Wilson Fisk, as all the actors involved have indicated they would be interested in making happen. However, if the contract option are for more seasons of Daredevil, it would certainly seem as though a second season would be quite a ways off, especially if another season were to be comprised of anywhere near as many episodes. There’s no reason to believe another season of Daredevil would have to be 18 episodes and there’s no reason to believe it couldn’t be; however, it seems as though Daredevil: Born Again‘s elevated episode count is due in part to the importance of the series in building the street-level corner of the MCU.

Given how fond Charlie Cox is of the role, the vast library of Daredevil stories in the comics and incredible roster of supporting characters, it would be shocking if Marvel Studios did NOT produce future seasons of Daredevil on Disney Plus. The contracts these actors are signing might just be the first indication to Marvel Studios’ plans.

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