Marvel Studios Holds a “Post-Mortem” for Every MCU Project to Learn What Didn’t Work

marvel studios post mortem

For a long time, there was an ongoing joke that Tony Stark would always learn a lesson from a previous film that would make a short appearance in a future project. One of the most notable was when Rhodey had his accident in Captain America: Civil War, he made sure that Spider-Man had a safety parachute in his suit during Spider-Man: Homecoming. It looks like that ongoing joke is something that Marvel Studios also lives by.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed in an interview with Movie Business Podcast that they hold “post-mortem on every project” to take away lessons from each project and it even was something that started back in the first Iron Man all the way back in 2008 but they wouldn’t receive their name until much later.

We do a post-mortem on every project, or at least we try to, if we’re not too busy with the next project, to sit and discuss what went right and what went wrong. And I remember we started doing that, we were asked to do it for the first time on ‘Iron Man 1.’ And we call them ‘post-mortems’ now, at the time it was a ‘what went wrong’ meeting. We were asked to do a ‘what went wrong’ meeting for Iron Man. And I thought, ‘What went wrong? This movie’s a giant hit, it launched a whole studio? Why do we have to do a what went wrong meeting?

There’s something funny about hearing the comment regarding the reaction to a “what went wrong meeting” given that this isn’t an unusual practice in other industries. Though, it highlights the importance of what Marvel Studios has accomplished throughout the last 10+ years of pushing this franchise forward: they always try to learn what worked and didn’t work. He also highlights they always want to “entertain first” with their projects.

That’s a horrible way to put it, which is what I was reacting to. But it is actually great to sit and go, ‘Here’s what was done, here’s how we could have done it better.’ And we do that on every project. And I guess to distill it down of what lessons is learned is, entertain the audience [at every] turn. Frank Capra has a quote that our Co-President Louis D’esposito quotes often, which is basically distilled down to, entertain first.

The Internet might have their own opinions on what works or doesn’t work for the Marvel Studios projects, as someone can be quite vocal. But, it’s reassuring to know that they take this seriously and try to take some lessons away from any project they work on, no matter how successful. It might also reflect on how they keep it moving forward and building towards its future.

Going by many rumors and reports making the rounds, it seems they learned quite a bit from their pandemic era that consisted of Phase 4 and have adjusted accordingly going into their next phase of films and building towards the climax that is Avengers: Secret Wars and the end of the Multiverse Saga.

Source: Movie Business Podcast via The Direct

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