Marvel Studios President Reveals their Goal With the MCU

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There’s always an ongoing discussion on the value that Marvel STudios brings as a production studio. There’s a bizarre fascination with the phenomenon of a Cinematic Universe running for over ten years and still having a powerful hold on the market. While Phase 4 may be considered their most “mixed” depending on who you ask, there’s no denying that they still remain a curious cinematic entry in the history.

Yet, as many discuss where its value lies, may it be in its cinematic approach to storytelling or even if it holds any actual cinematic value. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige believes that their main goal is to be “entertaining” to those watching their films or series; the same goes for the creatives working with them to bring these projects to life..

You can have as many beautiful messages, and beautiful life theories, and beautiful thematics that you want to put into the world, that all of us do, and all of our filmmakers do. But if you are not entertaining first, it will fall on deaf ears. And I think that has always been the way, and that thankfully when you are making the kind of movies that you love to see then that will also go into entertaining yourself, which is what we also try to do here at Marvel Studios

Kevin Feige

There are many discussions online, but there’s one thing that does showcase why of all attempts at a cinematic universe, Marvel manages to remain at the top. There’s a passion in the producing team and those they work with. If Marvel is forever only time can tell but as long as there is some passion, they won’t likely stop doing the things they enjoy bringing to life. No matter how the internet reacts but as long as their films fill the seats.

Source: Movie Business Podcast via The Direct

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