A New Rumor Potentially Reveals the Villain of Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic Four’

In 2019, Kevin Feige announced that Marvel Studios was developing a Fantastic Four film much to the excitement of fans of the property. Four years and two directos later, little is known about the upcoming project. No actors have been announced for any member of the First Family and only the vaguest of rumored details about the potential plot have made their way online. However, according to a new rumor, the film’s villain may have been revealed.

Twitter users My Time To Shine Hello and Tom Smith have indicated that Galactus will be the villain of 2025’s Fantastic Four.

The rumors kicked off during a Q&A with My Time To Shine Hello. When asked who the main villain of the project would be, she simply stated “Galactus.” A matter of hours later, Smith backed up the claim that Galactus would be involved.

Starting off the franchise with a threat such as Galactus would be a bold move for Marvel Studios. While the character is one of the most well-known antagonists of the team in the comics, it’s been generally believed Marvel would start out with a less enormous threat. It’s unknown what route director Matt Shakman‘s adaptation of the character might take, but hopefully, if the rumors are true, fans will get to see Galactus fully revealed as Jack Kirby intended and not a cloud of cosmic dust in the wind.

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