Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki’, ‘Hawkeye’, and ‘What If…?’ Nab Emmy Nominations

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Emmy season has started and while Marvel Studios isn’t topping the board this time around after the success with WandaVision, which did only end up winning a few actual awards, they are still going to be present this year. We already reported on Moon Knight drawing in an impressive eight nominations but that#s not the only series to draw in Emmy’s attention.

Hawkeye got a bit snubbed this year with only two nominations. They have been nominated for Best Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series as well as Best Stunt Performance. Loki, however, was able to draw in six nominations in total with Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes, Best Music Composition, Best Original Main Title Theme Music (well deserved), and Best Sound Editing. What If…? has also received three nominations, which include a posthumous nomination for Chadwick Boseman, Outstanding Animated Program for the Doctor Strange episode, and one for Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher.

All three shows were quite well received by critics and have left their impression upon the MCU with some unique concepts. Loki stands out for telling a story out of time while Moon Knight was the most standalone since the original Iron Man. In a way, Hawkeye gave us the most grounded of all the Marvel Studios storylines as Clint had to take down a mafia.

Source: Variety, Deadline

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