Marvel Studios Rolls Out Paranoia Propaganda Warning of a ‘Secret Invasion’

Marvel Studios first streaming project of 2023, Secret Invasion, will see Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury racing against the clock against an enemy who could be anyone at any time. Adapted from the 2008 comic book event of the same name, Marvel Studios version will feature less super hero splash and more spy games while still asking the same question Brian Michael Bendis posed in the comics:Who Do You Trust?

With Secret Invasion now set for a June 21st streaming debut, marketing got the series is unser and some great new promotional material has made its way online through a couple of Twitter accounts. The first group of material seems to indicate that at some point during th series, the general public will become aware of the Skrull invasion. Given it’s been reported that Christopher McDonald will portray a Tucker Carlson-esque talking head in the series, these seem like the type of paranoia propaganda he might use to spread an agenda of fear and distrust. “They can be anybody” can cause a helluva movement.

The next set of promo art, featuring Jackson’s Fury, Don Cheadle‘s James Rhodes, Martin Freeman‘s Everett Ross, Olivia Colman‘s Sonya Falsworth and Emilia Clarke‘s Skrull spy, G’iah, uses that classic comic event tagline, “Who Do You Trust?” to target the audience as the show approaches. It’s likely that even in the trailers Marvel Studios has already begun misleading the audience into deciding who is who and on which side. Expect plenty of surprises to be in store as the show progresses.

Sources: MCU Facility, Nacao Marvel

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