‘Marvel Zombies’ Won’t Continue The ‘What If…?’ Episode

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Disney+ Day offered some great surprises including the official announcement of an animated series adapting the iconic Marvel Zombies comic storyline. The timing was perfect as they were riding off of the popularity of the What If…? episode that introduced the concept into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The theories were that they’d continue where that episode left off, as a zombified Thanos took over Wakanda but it turns out they’re inspired by the comics and might take a different look at the flesh-eating heroes.

Marvel Studios’ producer Brad Winderbaum discussed some of the new announcements, especially with their new animated ventures. He briefly touched upon the potential the return of the 90s animated X-Men project will offer with X-Men ’97 but also offered some insight into what Marvel Zombies will offer. In it, he may have confirmed that it’s not a direct continuation of Marvel Studios’ first introduction of the zombies.

And then, of course, we revealed that we’re doing a series all about Marvel Zombies, continuing the universe that was set up in What If…? and just like the way Marvel Zombies was introduced in the Ultimates in the comics and then introduced a parallel universe of zombies that was explored and its own series, we’re doing a similar thing where we introduced in What If…? and now we’re going to take a look at that universe with a different lens.

Brad Winderbau

So, it seems that we’ll explore a different part of the multiverse where another zombie virus has spread, or they might stick to the What If…? timeline. His statement is vague because he confirms continuity, backtracks on it before connecting it again. He says it’s a continuation of that universe, but also says they’ll do something that the comics did. So, they might leave the origin of the virus the same, as the Quantum Realm does technically exist outside of the multiverse. So, maybe this is the current plan that changes as production continues.

They also might want to explore this story in a way that isn’t shackled by pre-existing MCU canon and build their own storyline around the existence of superpowered zombies. They might also not want to rely on the 3D animation and give it a unique design. Sadly, the creator of the original comics, Robert Kirkman, isn’t involved with the project but they might consult him once production starts on it.

Source: Marvel

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