‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Black Panther’s Wakanda Won’t Reuse Art Assets

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We’re so close to finally playing as Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers. It’s been a long wait, but the first teases have promised what seems like a whole new chapter in the game. Last week, we got a first look at some of the concept art for the War for Wakanda expansionTore Blystad, Crystal Dynamics Experience Director, offered some small insight during the dev stream, as they would go into more detail with a developer blog. It has finally arrived, and there are quite some curious details alongside new concept art.

  • Many of their designs are directly inspired by the comics, as they seek to recreate the “Marvel DNA.” As such, they used comic panels as a direct reference for some of their concept art.
  • Their main focus was also on making the new biome, the Wakandan Jungle, stand out. As we saw in the already released artwork, they want the sun to pierce through the plant life. They added many nooks and crannies to offer some worthwhile explorations.
  • A new artwork teases the Warrior’s Gate, which is part of a trial to re-enter Wakanda. Their goal with the designs was to combine traditional elements from ancient civilizations but showcase they were still millennia ahead of many other civilizations.



  • Crystal Dynamics’ goal was to ensure Wakanda is a contiguous space. Unlike other biomes, you’ll be moving from the crater rim staring at the Golden City, and the next scene will have you in the city.
  • They highlight that no art is recycled, which includes gameplay objects and resources. As the nation is unconquered, it’ll feel fresh and new. You’ll even be able to interact with elements, such as unique puzzle mechanisms, transportation devices, or defenses, such as a Wakandan turret or monorail.

The description of the biome promises not one but multiple unique environments. Hawkeye’s Wasteland biome was a fun addition to the game with its orange post-apocalypse, but it was a repetitive view from one location into the next. The fun aspect was looking for the various comic references, such as the Kree heads scattered across the sand. Crystal Dynamics worked alongside Virtuous Shanghai and Nixxes to bring this unique biome to life.

They tease many comic references, and it’s going to be exciting to explore the various new locations that add some needed variety to Marvel’s Avengers. The best part, this is only the first part that’ll explore the upcoming War for Wakanda DLC. So, it’s going to be exciting to see what else they reveal on the game’s first expansion.

Source: Play Avengers

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