‘MARVEL’S AVENGERS’ Corrupted Vibranium Event Announced for Black Panther’s DLC

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It looks like Marvel’s Avengers isn’t quite done yet for the upcoming Black Panther expansion, as they just announced the DLC will also include a brand new event. Crystal Dynamic’s System Designer Brian Waggoner offered some insight into the event. It’ll start on August 19th and runs until September 2nd. In it, specific missions will include clusters of corrupted vibranium that need to be destroyed. The following missions will include them:

  • Our Town – Utah Badlands
  • Inhuman Condition – Utah Badlands
  • …And We’re Back – Eastern Seaboard
  • Enter: The Avengers – Eastern Seaboard
  • Stark Realities – Pacific Northwest
  • Here Comes the Pain – Wakanda
  • From Bad to Worse – Wakanda
  • 24/7 Vibranium – Wakanda

The missions will allow you to gain specialty gear with the new Vibranium status effect. It gives your character the possibility to turn all damage into a kinetic explosion. We also can gain Sonic status effects that help your character’s Heroic and Intrinsic meters charge with enemies near them. They might change the way we build our characters up and approach specific missions.

Black Panther is coming to 'Marvel's Avengers' later this year | Engadget

Of course, you’ll also get a unique animated nameplate to showcase your finished mission chains. In the 50th War Table blog, they also confirmed that we shouldn’t expect a roadmap update during Monday’s War Table showcase. It’ll be mainly focused on the new War for Wakanda expansion, which makes sense as they wouldn’t want to distract from their biggest update so far. Yet, they did confirm we’ll get an update within the upcoming weeks. So, there’s a lot to be excited about for the future of the game.

Source: Play Avengers (Event)

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