RUMOR: ‘ONE PIECE’ Cast Descriptions May Hint at Season 1 Adapting the Entire East Blue Saga

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It feels like forever since we heard about Netflix’s plans on adapting One Piece into live-action. The project was delayed due to the pandemic, but Illuminerdi shared some first details on the various members of the Straw Hat Pirates. While it offers our first details on the personalities of the characters, the casting offers a clearer picture of what may potentially get adapted in the show’s first season.

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The list includes Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji. They were the first members to join the crew before they head out into the Grand Line. It starts with Luffy setting out years after he ate the Rubber Rubber-Fruit and his body turned into literal rubber. The entire saga consisted of his meeting with the various members and the emotional Arlong Park Arc. It ended with a brief stint in Loguetown before they entered the most unpredictable seas of their world. It was the sage with the most arcs in the franchise, but later stories were considerably longer in comparison.

So, does their inclusion mean the first season will end in Loguetown? It would make the most sense to end the arc just as they set out into the sea. Still, they might also end with the Baratie Arc, where they recruit Sanji. It might be worth giving more time to the iconic Arlong Park arc, which has some of the strongest emotional moments. Plus, the introduction of the Fishmen might be costly and they could always shorten the season length if necessary. Still, it’ll be exciting to finally set out into the East Blue if the series enters production sometime in the near future.

Source: Illuminerdi

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