‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Heading to Xbox Game Pass

avengers xbox game pass

Marvel’s Avengers had given its players various bonuses throughout the past month to celebrate its anniversary. We also had a free weekend for players from PlayStation, Stadia, and Steam to give the game a test run. Yet, there’s a surprising lack of announcement regarding Xbox. Even with the PS-exclusive Spider-Man on the horizon, the game is meant for all consoles. Well, it seems the reasoning for that silence has arrived as the game is heading to Xbox Game Pass as of September 30th. It’ll include all four story campaigns and players can jump directly into the War for Wakanda expansion. They also confirm future updates are also included for Xbox Game Pass members.

The Xbox Series X or Series S players will also receive the optimized version of Marvel’s Avengers. So, it’s not restricted to a specific version of the game. The timing is also perfect as the One-Year Anniversary Celebration is coming to an end, as pointed out by the Crystal Dynamic’s Hunter Wolfe, as they’ll offer a Quad XP bonus from September 30th to October 4th. So, it’s a great opportunity for new and old players to catch up on leveling their heroes. This move also includes PC players, which may help push its numbers on the platform it seemed to struggle the most with a steady player base.

It’s a big move by Crystal Dynamics, but the timing is fitting. They’ve just dropped their biggest DLC yet, and are currently reworking the base game. Once the raid starts, the Game Pass offering allows players on Xbox and PC to play with each other, which has been a challenge for players via Steam. As they are connected through the Xbox account, it’s a big step forward for the game and could boost it going into Year 2.

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