‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Confirms MODOK’s Return

Crystal Dynamics teased an update that will be made available as they continue working on the AIM Cloning Labs. We first heard about during last Friday’s dev stream on Twitch. Sadly, as per usual, they were very coy on what exactly it could end up being. Luckily, it seems data miner @mmmmmmmiller has once again found a way to access the system and share a rather interesting audio file. It confirms that something that got teased a while back might be finally nearing its release. The file includes a brand new voice over by Hank Pym, who seems rather frustrated on the appearance of a brand new clone, who might be familiar to those that finished the Reassemble storyline.

The battle against MODOK was probably one of the best aspects of the story. It gave us our first real tease of multi-layered boss battles. Crystal Dynamics did confirm they are working to bring back the boss fight in a future update and going by the audio, we will be facing his clone. The cloning concept allows the developers to reintroduce their main villains as often as they want without worrying them even appearing multiple times. That is even the whole point of the Cloning Labs. At the end of the main campaign, we did see him fall out of the Kree Sentry, which did hint at him returning in the future.

He may have a role in a future storyline while the clone keeps us busy playing with our friends. I wonder if his mission is part of the upcoming Hawkeye DLC, or we could see a bigger launch of the missing multiplayer missions in January. We have been waiting for the Cloning Labs since the launch. So we are getting quite antsy about its release. Right now, the game needs more multiplayer content to keep people returning.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo

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