Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Talk Omega-Level Threats Delay & Bug Fixes

It has been a big week for Marvel’s Avengers as we finally got our hands on Kate Bishop. The new character came with a fun new kit to play around with and an almost 3-hour story mission. It was a great start to what hopefully will be a continuous roll-out of content over the next couple of months. Of course, we also had our weekly developer stream to give us some minor updates. The biggest takeaway is that they confirmed we most likely won’t get any larger updates before the end of the year. So, we might not see the addition of Omega-Level Threats in the coming weeks. So, for right now, do not expect anything to drop until 2021. With the bad news out first, let’s jump into our stream round-up:

  • They are still actively working on Omega-Level Threats, especially the AIM Cloning Labs. It looks like they are trying to balance it out with Crystal Dynamics teasing something happening “sooner“. He sadly did not offer any details on what that could be.
  • They confirmed that a variety of bug fixes for Kate’s addition are still in the pipeline, such as her flying around the map, not activating pressure plates, and missions disappearing. They did confirm that her Harm Room mission will return.
  • They planned to add civilians into the game but faced a lot of framerate issues. CD is planning on making scenarios where they can bring them into the game. So, we can expect those kinds of missions in the future.
  • Crystal Dynamics is trying to avoid reusing assets too often, so we should expect more new content in the future.



  • Matchmaking will get an optimization, especially for future content additions.
  • Characters have changed quite a bit over the development cycle, such as Kate’s had a different weapon, while Iron Man was able to use a drone.
  • Roadmap still seems to be trapped in an approval process. CD didn’t offer any details on the matter.
  • They have approached the topic of Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Panther. They are not a liberty to say anything, as they can only confirm things that were approved internally.
  • Adjustments have been made to their Home Office situation. CD was able to streamline the process a bit to do mo-cap and record audio lines.
  • variety of features are still in development with high priority, such as New Game+, Loot 2.0, Loadouts, Emote Wheel, and the addition of new villains.


Most of the answers are things we’ve already heard in past streams. I am quite curious what the content is that could release before the Labs. There was a tease for an Inhuman addition a while back, so perhaps it is connected. I am not the biggest fan of the continuous delay of their Omega-Level threats. I understand why they are doing it, as there might be some issues with rejoining a mission when you lose your connection, but the game does lack some multiplayer content to keep players coming back to it. Here’s hoping that they might have some bigger plans for that shortly, as well as Clint’s addition isn’t delayed too far into early 2021. My prediction is still in late January to early February, but we will see what the next year brings.

Source: Twitch

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