‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Marketplace Will No Longer Offer Paid Consumables in New Statement

avengers game consumables

Marvel’s Avengers has been mostly quiet as of late, as they start focusing on reworking their core system throughout the rest of the year. Yet, there was a controversy surrounding the sudden decision to include purchasable consumables in their in-game marketplace. As the main focus has always been on their payable costumes, the decision was certainly met with frustration by players during a dry period. Well, it seems that Crystal Dynamics has taken that feedback and announced in a new post on Twitter that they will no longer offer these in the marketplace but they’ll remain as in-game earnable rewards moving forward.

We’ve already seen some big steps for the game with hero-specific perks getting added to the game. It was teased as their first of many steps that’ll build-up towards the game’s first raid where we’ll cap of the story introduced in War for Wakanda. Their sister company Eidos recently released the Guardians of the Galaxy game. So, Crystal Dynamics took a backseat for the week. Here’s hoping we’ll get a clearer picture of what the new Raid and the final 2021 hero, Spider-Man, have in store for us soon.

Source: Twitter

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