‘Marvel’s Avengers’ New Paid Consumables Draws Controversy

avengers game controversy

It’s been rather quiet when it comes to Square-Enix’s gamble that was Marvel’s Avengers. We had a roadmap showcase that only confirmed one piece of content arriving this year alongside the long-teased Spider-Man. The developers have made quite a bit of fuss about their first attempt at a raid but the uncertainty surrounding its release and general lack of insight on the rework has left fans wanting more. The only real ongoing update surrounded the game’s paid marketplace and the latest may have left a sour taste with players.

It’s gone through a rocky road ever since its launch. There have been many questionable decisions throughout its development, but the release of Black Panther and Hawkeye as free playable characters were quite some highs. Marvel’s Avengers‘ latest move to add payable consumables was hinted at once it got its subsection last week. Still, the sparse marketplace being taken over by them without any warning hasn’t been met with open arms.

In their latest blog, they included a mention of the various payable consumables, as they moved away from their promise these would remain as free additions. The timing of pushing them alongside the Xbox Game Pass seems deliberate as new players joined it after a Quad XP event this weekend. It seems that it’s overall a bad day for Looter games, as Destiny 2 has also announced that its paid DLC Forsaken will get archived for the upcoming The Witch Queen expansion. So, even if you invested money into acquiring it, it won’t be available moving forward. There are general expectations with these games and content draught adds to that very tension.

Source: Twitter, Play Avengers, Forbes, Kotaku, ScreenRant

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