‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man DLC to Release Later This Month

It’s been quite the wait but since his reveal ahead of Marvel’s Avengers release, but Spider-Man is finally joining the game. The controversial PlayStation exclusive character has long been teased and was finally unveiled as part of the second roadmap. In their latest blog, they’ve announced that he’ll arrive alongside the game’s first raid against a returning Klaw on November 30th. That isn’t all, as it will also include all the content that was teased as part of the second roadmap.


They don’t give away much, but they do officially give his hero event a name. It’ll be titled “Spider-Man: With Great Power,” which includes his story and unlockable challenges as part of the Avengers Initiative. Not just that, we did even get a short synopsis on what we can expect from his appearance:

Peter Parker uncovers AIM’s new plan to acquire technology that could make their Synthoid army unstoppable and total domination inevitable. He must partner with the Avengers to stop this looming threat, and forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow while keeping his identity hidden. As a Hero accustomed to working solo, he struggles with the new dynamics of working with a team. Will he join up full time with the Avengers, or stay independent in his fight against AIM?

It’s an interesting idea to explore Spidey working in a team as part of his story. Crazy to think it’s going to release this soon, as we haven’t had any details on the character, his design, or even who will voice act him. Many hoped that Yuri Lowenthal would return, but there are many voice actors that brought this character to life in the past. There’s a good chance we might find out next week if we’re this close to his release.

Source: Play Avengers

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