‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Teases Kate Bishop…Sort Of

The content drought continues for Marvel’s Avengers. Yes, the game is at a low-point with its Steam player count. Its current peak is at around 700 players, which isn’t a good look but also understandable with a lack of an update or additional content. Gamstat has a direct API connection to the game, which highlights how many people earned trophies within the last month. So, according to their system, at least 320,000 players are still active on the console. The site only provides data for the total amount of players for Xbox. You have to consider that it only showcases players that have played the game, so it doesn’t directly correlate to sales. Still, without any new content, there isn’t much reason to return to the game currently, a challenge I’ve been facing myself. Their latest update did provide quite a lot of performance fixes.

Their latest weekly blog did not include any details on upcoming content again. Yet, we noticed that last week they started sharing screenshots alongside the Priority Missions. We saw the mission count almost triple as they showcased the developer’s build of the game. This week, we had one more tease with the reveal of this week’s Priority Missions.



If you look closely on the left side, it includes a new symbol that we haven’t seen before. It is difficult to make out from this distance, so luckily, @PlayAvenger shared an image zoomed in to highlight that it is Kate Bishop’s symbol that was teased in the initial War Table. Surprisingly, it seems they did end up giving her a unique icon, as the launch video showcased her operation with Clint Barton’s.

At face value, it is a little tease that Kate’s development is further along. These teases are nice, but it would’ve been better earlier on. Many of us are desperate for content, so this tease without any timing reminds players about the long wait. Once they get the ball rolling, however, I do hope they continue with these teases. This reveal is rather interesting. If you look closely, the symbol has the same outer rim as that behind the Avengers Initiative. It just includes a globe as its main symbol, just like the Reassemble campaign uses the Avengers’ A icon. We normally select the story operations through the tab above. Now, it looks like you can even choose them directly in the War Table.

Just based on speculation, this may be a result of them developing the New Game+ mode. This icon would enable players to replay the story directly in the War Table. We know Crystal Dynamics hasn’t started the mission, as the image highlights that a new operation is available. It isn’t much, but it feels deliberate that they are teasing this icon. Plus, this could confirm that you can replay story missions of the various operations in addition to the Reassemble campaign. It would give players an incentive to revisit some of the best parts of the game and not just restrict them to a New Game+ with the Reassemble campaign. Hopefully, we will get more clarity in the coming week(s).

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