‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Valentine’s Tweet Reveals Matt Fraction’s Inspirations and First Civilians

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day so far. As usual, many official Twitter accounts are sharing their excitement in a small tweet. Marvel’s Avengers is no exception to that rule. Not just that, they also used their latest tweet to celebrate the holiday and build up some hype for next week’s reveal of Hawkeye. So, they showcased a brand new emote of Clint Barton shooting an arrow with a heart symbol. It also gives us our first official look at the in-game design that got teased early on when he was confirmed as one of the first DLC characters. At first, it seems like a nice little gesture until you noticed something in the background.

Yes, it looks like the game will finally get some civilians. It may sound strange, but it has been something that players have requested for some time. The current maps have no real NPCs besides the various AIM beekeepers and bots. So, it will add some more life to the game. Now that I take a closer look, this could also be a reference to the iconic apartment from Matt Fraction‘s run My Life as a Weapon.

So far, the only thing we knew about the upcoming DLC is that it would focus on a brand new biome called The Wasteland. It looks like they are also going to add some new elements to the Eastern Seabord location. Hopefully, we’ll get some cameos from some famous inhabitants, such as Grills or an actual cameo by Lucky, the PIzza-Dog. We are only two days away from the Deep Dive that will tease the future expansion of this game, so we’ll get more insight by then.

Source: Twitter

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