Matt Lintz Gives Some Insight into Bruno Carrelli’s Role in ‘Ms. Marvel’

Matt Lintz was one of the first actors to join the cast of Ms. Marvel, following Iman Vellani’s casting in the Fall of 2020. Lintz, who will portray Kamala Khan’s best friend, Bruno Carrelli, has made a name for himself with key roles in The Alienist and The Walking Dead, where played Kingdom resident Henry over 4 seasons. Now he’ll be stepping into an even larger role as one of the most important characters in Kamala Khan’s circle and one of the first of her friends to become aware of her secret identity as the costumed hero Ms. Marvel. In an interview with Empire, Lentz gave fans a little insight into the character.

He really cares for Kamala. If you look at the comics, he has that sidekick feel. He’s the Q, the Alfred.

In the comics, Bruno and Kamala shared a very complicated friendship. While both of them certainly had romantic feelings for one another, they awkwardly danced around those feelings for quite some time. Instead, their relationship became a bit more focused on her superheroing, where Bruno, who has a genius-level IQ, helped not only to protect her secret identity-especially from her parents-but used his expertise in chemical engineering to develop a polymer he called “super snot” that helped Kamala’s Ms. Marvel costume stretch and grow with her embiggening powers.

With Rish Shah’s Kamran set to capture Kamala’s eye in the upcoming series, it’s likely that Lentz’s Bruno will find himself going through some of those same awkward moments his character experienced in the comics. What’ll be more interesting to see, however, is how his character applies his genius to Kamala’s new power set, which has been greatly adapted for the MCU.

Ms. Marvel begins streaming on Disney Plus on June 8th.

Source: Empire via Twitter

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