Mena Massoud Confirms He Initially Auditioned for ‘Ahsoka’s Ezra

ahsoka ezra

It feels like yesterday when rumors flooded the internet that Aladdin‘s Mena Massoud would be playing Ezra Bridger in Star Wars‘ upcoming Ahsoka series. Many were quite hyped about the actor getting the role but it wasn’t until earlier today that it was confirmed that actor Eman Esfandi has gotten the role for Ezra. Of course, it left the door open to how the rumors started in regards to Massoud.

As it turns out, the actor took to Twitter to share his relief that the rumors were finally losing steam. Still, he did highlight that he actually auditioned for the role with a self-tape months ago and simply didn’t get further along in the casting process.

It’s a shame he didn’t get the role but the actor shared that he’s excited to see what Esfandi can bring to the role. Plus, he also highlighted how similar he looks to the Star Wars Rebels character. Given his performance in Aladdin, it’s a shame he hasn’t found a new role in the Disney playhouse again but perhaps there’s another one just on the horizon waiting for him.

Source: Twitter

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