Mike Flanagan Has Pitched a ‘Clayface’ Movie to DC Studios

Mike Flanagan, the man behind Netflix’s ‘Midnight Mass,’ has reportedly pitched a ‘Clayface’ movie to DC Studios.

Mike Flanagan, who has developed some of the biggest shows for Netflix in recent years (Midnight Mass, The Midnight Club), has reportedly pitched a new movie to DC Studios. According to Deadline, Flanagan is said to have pitched a Clayface movie to Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios. The project, as of now, is only a pitch, something Flanagan stressed on Twitter. However, should the project move forward, it’s said Clayface would not be a bad guy in the film, despite his comic history as a supervillain.

Deadline has also noted that Clayface could actually make an appearance in Matt ReevesThe Batman 2. The outlet does note that scripts are “constantly changing,” however, the character is said to be a big addition to that project. Of course, the Clayface potentially introduced in Reeves’ movie wouldn’t necessarily be the same one used in DC Studios’ Chapter One, as it’s currently unclear where Reeves’ universe falls in that world as it is.

As of now, Flanagan’s involvement with a Clayface project seems to be in the very, very early stages. Flanagan has shown interest in the past regarding working on a Clayface project, so it’s not entirely surprising that he’s pitched the potential film to DC Studios, whether or not the studio opts to move forward with his pitch remains to be seen.

Source: Deadline.

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