‘Mission: Impossible 7’s Budget Ballooned to $290M Due to COVID

mission impossible 7 budget

Just recently, we learned that the Mission: Impossible sequels were delayed into 2023 and 2024. As production was affected strongly by COVID, they want to ensure that everything goes smoothly. in a new report by Variety, it was revealed that the seventh entry in the franchise had faced quite the issue with its production budget, as it seemingly has ballooned up to $290M, which is quite a bit higher than what the studio’s had expected, especially with the last entry, 2018’s Fallout having a production budget of around $190M.

What influenced this was that it had to stop and start production seven times since it initially started back in February 2020. An action sequence that took place during the Carnival of Venice occurred when Northern Italy went into lockdown. They tried to dodge to Rome but the cases spiked there too. So, it’s no surprise that the budget continued to rise at a rapid rate. Variety points out that the production had faced the issue over and over again due to the borderless virus chasing them down even when they started productions in Poland or the United Arab Emirates.

It wouldn’t be too surprising that other projects were hit in a similar manner, as many were forced to shut down. The only issue was that this production budget led to co-producer Skydance meeting its cap from a financial contributions side, which led to Tom Cruise a director Christopher McQuarrie having to add the missing $50M. We’ll see how that may have potentially affected the product once it releases in theaters next year. For now, Paramount is hoping that the insurance may help ease the burden.

Source: Variety

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