‘Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area’ Soars into Netflix Top 10

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is the latest Korean-made series to top Netflix. After releasing on Friday, June 24th, the series has taken first place on the streaming giant’s Global Non-English top ten chart over the last week. That means it achieved the feat in just three days, having been played for 33.7 million hours. It also served as the top show in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Joint Economic Area makes for the latest Korean series to top Netflix. Last year, Squid Game became an overnight sensation, and this year, All of US Are Dead, Juvenile Justice and Business Proposal have all managed to hit #1 with global audiences. The success of Joint Economic Area shouldn’t be too surprising, of course, as the show is a remake of the hit series Casa de Papel, aka Money Heist.

“As a big fan of the original Spanish series, I felt intrigued to tell this vibrant story in a Korean context,” writer Ryu Yong-jae said in a statement to the press. 

The streaming giant is said to have worked closely with the creators of Joint Economic Area in order to ensure the remake felt authentic to Korea, while also retaining the social commentary that was established in the original series. 

“We were very lucky when we received this pitch from Ryu and the producing team, which felt like the right framework for a remake that would be respectful to the original while bringing something new that fans in Korea and globally would appreciate,” said Keo Lee, director of content, Netflix Korea. 

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Source: Variety

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