‘Moon Knight’ Head Writer Teases Their “Snotty” Take on Khonshu

moon knight khonshu

The upcoming Marvel Studios’ release on Disney+ will finally introduce Moon Knight into live-action. Not just him but also the deity that is pushing him to the brink of insanity in the form of the Egyptian god Khonshu. The last teaser did give us a glimpse at his design, which is quite faithful to the comics and the laters featurette even shared some additional scenes. Luckily, in an article from USA Today, head writer Jeremy Slater also teased that the character voiced by F. Murray Abraham will be “imperious and sort of snotty and vengeful.” He goes on to describe him as:

He’s this incredibly powerful and immortal God (with) his own insecurities and throws temper tantrums sometimes.

Jeremy Slater

It sounds like a fun take that also makes sense given how Egyptian gods generally were put on a pedestal. So, a god that has been dormant for quite some time would have that kind of attitude if he finally can unleash his powers upon a new avatar, who just happens to be Marc Spector. The tease would hint that Khonshu will mostly be a horror element in Steven Grant’s life before he starts recovering his other personalities and we see Khonshu’s true personality. The juxtaposition would be quite a fun way to catch viewers off-guard once it releases.

Source: USA Today

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