‘Moon Knight’ Originally Would’ve Included MCU Cameos

moon knight cameos

Here’s an interesting surprise, but it looks like Moon Knight wasn’t always the standalone project that it is. There were plans at some point to also include some ties to the wider MCU, outside of the brief Easter egg that connects it to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but they even potentially had cameos planned at the beginning and the end of the series. It turns out, they ended up scrapping the idea while writing the series according to director Mohamed Diab.

We had the freedom to place it whenever. I want to tell you the very first scene, there was a crossover, and the very end scene, there was a crossover. But as the story developed and we kept changing the scripts, we felt like, “We don’t need that.” All of us. It was a collective decision. And then I kept thinking: It’s a rule. There has to be a scene at the end that connects us to the MCU.

Mohamed Diab

He goes on to say that the bigger surprise, in their eyes, was the lack of any cameo or connections to the wider MCU, but rather keep the project a bit more grounded in its own world.

But I think they decided, “You know what, the surprise is that there isn’t, and what’s going to make this show unique is it doesn’t need anything else.” The best compliment we get on the show is when people tell us, “This doesn’t feel like a Marvel show. It feels like a standalone show that feels more dramatic, more dark, grounded.” I feel like we succeeded in bringing Marvel more to our corner.

Mohamed Diab

It definitely would’ve been interesting to know who exactly was going to appear, or how it may have connected. Blade seems like a logical connection point, but there’s also the Werewolf by Night Disney+ special that’s on the horizon, which also has quite the history with the character. For now, it’s hard to say exactly what they were going to be, but

Source: Variety via ScreenRant

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